A bit about OnlineWillsAdvisor.com

Many friends asked me for my opinion about online will writing services. Since the services are much cheaper than consulting with an attorney, I know they are very attractive.

This site came since I get asked this question so often I decided to put the information on a website for others too. I took a good look at the services and found that some of the companies offering such services are quite good.

It is easy to tell which are good and reliable. I’ve also found some which I personally wouldn’t use. It doesn’t mean they are no good. It is my preference alone.

What I write here is to share my experience about using them.

A disclaimer.

I’m not a legal professional however I do understand something about Last Wills, and trusts. Since people from all over the world find this website, it would be impossible to know the slight difference in law in different countries.

So where you live has a bearing on your Will. That is why although I think that in many circumstances, a person can write their own Last Will, I strongly advise against copying someone else’s Will.

What I do suggest is at the minimum, to have a guided approach using software. Most of the good software will be able to catch common mistakes that the man in the street will make if they attempt to write their own Will.

The articles here are intended to be used for general information purposes only. They do not substitute consulting with a qualified legal professional. If you are not sure, it is better to consult a professional for advice.

The site content and information is provided in good faith, and I believe is correct at the time of writing. However, I make no representation or warranty of any kind as to the completeness, accuracy, quality, currency, or legality of this site content, resources and information.

Links to other sites are affiliate links. I earn a small amount when you purchase from those sites.

Full disclaimer is here.