Online Wills

Signing an online WillOnline Wills Advisor reviews alternative ways of writing a Will. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to write a Will using an attorney if you don’t want to.

This was a major barrier for many to write their Will. Today you have choices like specialized Will writers, will writing software as well as online Wills services.

I review online wills services, and show you the pro’s and con’s of each as well as ease of use for a person who is new to writing their own Will. There is a section called The Basics to help you understand terms like executor, guardians and others.

Here are a few services I have reviewed for Online Wills services. I looked through each, checked them out, and write down my thoughts. You can read more by clicking on the links below.

1. Law Depot’s online Wills

2. US Legal Forms Last Will and Living Will forms

3. Parting Wishes online Wills for US, Canada and the United Kingdom including funeral wishes.

4. Nolo’s online Wills service and alternatively, their will writing software (download and install)


Most wills are routine. Assuming a person has children only by their spouse and, they’re still married to that same spouse, there are usually very few problems ~ David L. Carlson, attorney Salem, Oregon – via GetRichSlowly


The information here will change as I review more services so do come back from time to time. If you still find it too difficult to write your own Will, you should consult an estate planning attorney for help.