FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Wills

Frequently asked questions about Online Wills. Here are some common question and answers about online wills.

  1. Does a self made online Will suit my situation? You can run through a short checklist to determine if your situation warrant legal advice, or a simple will is sufficient. CompareĀ online will or attorney.
  2. Understanding terms and definition in writing a Will
  3. Are online Wills legal? Understand this and you will know the legality of online Wills.
  4. What assets are not distributed with a Will
  5. Must my online will be notarize? A will only needs to be notarized in the State of Louisiana. For other states, notarization is not necessary but is recommended. Notarizing a will means the document becomes “self-proving”, i.e. no additional requirements necessary in order to get the document admitted to probate court. If a will is not notarized, then the witnesses must sign declarations as to the authenticity of the will which is filed in the probate court.
  6. Why is Louisiana’s will and estate planning laws different. Louisiana laws are based on the Napoleonic code, while the other states in the US based their laws on English common law, therefore their estate planning laws are unique.
  7. Should I use a Last Will and Testament template?
  8. I’ve heard that a Living Trust has more advantages compared to just a simple Will. Which is better? You can find out more in this article on Living Trust vs Will

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