Online Wills, Software or Attorney?

Should I use an online wills service, a will writing software, or use an attorney? This is a common question people ask.

While some websites you come across will say something along the lines “you don’t really need the other”, my own experience says that each has its merit.

Although most attorney will advise against using any software to have a will written, it may surprise you that, they use a will writing software! The difference off course is their expertise in more complicated situations.

The real example below should help you decide which method is best for you and your family. A simple will is sufficient for the situations below:-

  1. You and your spouse are in your 30s, own a home, 2 cars, have some savings, and investments. Your net worth is around $400,000. You have 2 young children. Both you and your significant other want to leave all your properties to each other. In the event both of you die together, you want your assets to go to your children. And both of you agree to have your younger sister look after the children until they are 10 years old.
  2. You are a single parent, and have a teenage son. You want your son to be the sole beneficiary. Your former spouse is still around, but you do not want him or her, to manage the assetsĀ  given to your son. You appoint your brother to manage the funds until your son is 18.
  3. You have 3 adult children, and your property is worth around $500,000. Your spouse has already passed on a few years ago. You want to leave everything to your surviving children, and give a token amount to your grandchildren.

For such situations, you can consider one or two of the online wills services first. Most of them only charge you when you have finished answering questions and filling out the form.

If you feel confident with the service as you use it, then you may proceed. However, if something don’t feel right, or you have doubts, then can still contact an attorney to write your will. That way, you have the best of both world.


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