Do It Yourself Will

Like I mentioned earlier, the alternative to online Wills is a Do It Yourself Will software. While you can get a sample will from a friend or look for one online, I would suggest that you go with the guided approach.

After all, you only pay around $30 to $50 rather than hunt for partial information on the internet.

You are likely to introduce mistakes by “cut and paste” method because you won’t realize why that particular Will is written that way. Before I use online Wills services, I got a few sample Wills and tried to use them as a template. Finally I gave up because is was just too much trouble trying to understand why something was in the sample Will.

I found that the language that is used in do it yourself Will software is much easier to understand and I knew why I selected certain items. One DIY will software you can consider is from Quicken’s Willmaker.

If you are in a hurry, you can just download the software. You can also download and later get a CD delivered to you.

Alternatively, you can consider using downloadable forms from US Legal Wills. Just download the forms to fill and you are good to go.

Three points worth mentioning:-

  1. The program accumulates the names of people you mention into an editable contact list. The next time you need them you can simply select them from a list. I think this is useful rather than re-typing the information again.
  2. It seems there is no option to list two or more alternate executors to serve one at a time in the order named. The only way to list two or more alternate executors is to have two or more of them serve together. I’m not sure if they have changed this.
  3. You can use the software for others as well.

Quicken’s Willmaker software runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. If you use a Mac or OS Xcomputer, then I suggest that you use Nolo’s online Wills services since the software is not designed for it.


Nolo released the latest edition to this software and it is available here.

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