US Legal Forms Last Will Review

Although this started off as a review of US Legal Forms’ online Will service, I found that you don’t actually create your Will online. What you can do is to download a set of forms together with a questionnaire that will guide you to write your Will.

I found out about US Legal Forms while reading Dave Ramsey’s website on personal finance and decided to do a review.

First off, US Legal Forms’ website provides several types of legal documents besides Last Will and Living Will. There are 2 ways you can select your Will with US Legal Forms.

The first method is simply by selecting the state you reside in and your family situation i.e. single, married, divorced and married with prior children etc.


There you can choose either just a Last Will or if you prefer a combo package.

The second method asks a few questions online where you select the options that are applicable to you and then it takes you to a checkout page so that you will download the right documents.

Both methods asks you to select the state you reside in and you family situation.

The options covers every possible scenario whether you are single, married, divorced, remarried with children from a prior marriage etc. The list of document is simple and you do have quite a few options to choose from. The advantage is that, when you down the documents, you are assured that the documents will suit you.


The online Will writing method is what I’ll focus on in this review. US Legal Forms calls this service US-Fastwill and it cost $20 at the time of writing. At the first page, you will see something like this where you see the price as well as choose your state you reside in. I like this since you know how much it cost up front.

On the following page, there are questions about children whether you have any, if they are adult or minor as well as children from a prior marriage. After that, you are asked to select if you want a Living Will to go with your Last Will and how you want your Will delivered.


And you key in your payment options and go straight to checkout your Will. You can choose to include a form for a Living Will included for an extra $10.

I initially thought that FastWill is a service where you can get your Will done quickly. After completing the online questions, I found that it is more a process to help someone to choose the correct Will package to purchase rather than to write their Will online.

Since I have a Will written not too long back, I did not actually pay and download a Will package just to see what I will get. Although I can purchase and download a package and then request for a refund (see their satisfaction guarantee below), I felt it is not right as they will have to incur the transaction costs.

What I do know is that US Legal Forms was featured in several newspapers like Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Washington Post and the like.

The fact that Dave Ramsey also endorses them do boost my confidence in US Legal Forms. As I mentioned above, I like their 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

You can return the forms within 24 hours from the time of your order and receive a full refund of the purchase price. If the forms were mailed physically, you simply return it within 4 days of receipt of the form and will receive a full refund, less printing costs.

Therefore you can actually look at what you get, and if you feel that writing your own Will is too difficult or you have concerns about making a mistake, you can get a refund, and talk to an attorney instead.

For the price, there is nothing to loose to have a look. You can check out their website here.

Advantages of US Legal Forms

If you prefer to use downloaded forms rather than online software, then US Legal Forms is a good option. It is so much simpler than to navigate page after page of a website. Some people find it a challenge to key in information into multiple pages of a website, so downloaded forms are a good alternative.

On the other hand, if you like to use software to write your Will online, then I suggest you check out my reviews on LawDepot or Nolo here.

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