Last Will And Testament Template


Last Will and Testament templates are really a no go. Templates are for children

Quite a lot of people just want to use a Last Will and Testament template. If you are thinking about using a template, here are my thoughts about it.

Don’t. Here are the reasons why:-

You do not know which country or state that template was created.

Different countries and states have slightly different requirements for signing the Will. You could be in a state that requires the special provision.

You do not know when the template was created. Some templates are quite old. They could have been floating around on the internet for a long time. The language used may be difficult to understand and can cause confusion for you, your executor or the courts later on.

You do not know if that template is valid in the first place. Yes, some templates are defective. If you use the defective template, your Will is not valid.

You may inadvertently change something you should not have changed. This happens quite often. It is easy to cut and paste. You may cut something crucial out without realizing it. You may do the same by pasting over something in your Will.

Your situation could be very different from the template you copy. A template will not have provisions for guardians, trust, residual etc. Your situation may very well require it. You may end up with a Will that don’t address every concern you have.

There may be things you should have in your Will that may not be in the template. A Last Will and Testament template is generally be very general. You may overlook providing for an older person like a parent or grand parent. These things will not be in the template.

I can only think one situation when you use a template. In an emergency.

Even then, you can draft your Will online within an hour or less. So if you need emergency surgery within the next day, you can still get your Will drafted.

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