How To Make A Will

These are the simple steps on How to Make a Will. If this is the first time you prepare to write a Will, you may be lost and do not know where to start. Follow the steps below and you should be okay.

1. List your assets

Use a spreadsheet to list down major items like property, investments, and any items of value like jewelry, collections etc. A list ensures you won’t miss anything out.

2. Make a list of your beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are usually the easiest to decide is most cases.

3. Choose your executor

Choose your executor. You may want to select one or more. Do let them know that you are naming them as your executor of your Last Will and Testament.

4. Select guardians if you have minor children

If you have children below the age of majority, you will need to select guardians for them in the event both you and your spouse dies at the same time or if you are a single parent.

5. Appoint a trustee

A trustee is required to manage your estate for your minor children. You can also appoint trustee for your adult children if you only want them to inherit their share at a later stage and not immediately after you die.

6. Choose an attorney, Will writing software, or do it online

Speak to an attorney or write it yourself with the help of suitable Will writing software to guide you. You can also make a Will online.

If you prefer not to use software, you can get downloadable forms from US Legal Forms too. Which ever method you decide, you will need to prepare the items mentioned above in 1 to 5.

7. Sign your Will

The last thing is to sign your Will in front of 2 witnesses and your are almost done. Notarize your signature if you plan to use a self proving affidavit. This is to make things simpler when the will goes through probate court

Finally, keep your Will and tell your executor where it is kept.

These are the 7 steps and I hope you have a good idea on How to Make a Will. It quite straight forward actually.

8. Consider a Living Will – Optional

Since you are already at it, why not do a living will too.

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