Online Will Maker

Which Online Will Maker is the right for you?

If you have decided to write a simple will without a lawyer, there are quite a few online will makers to choose from. Over time I expect more companies will be launched as well.

Some on these companies offer rock bottom prices to write a Will online. On one hand, this is very tempting and yet, on the other hand, it might cause you to be a bit worried whether the Will created will hold up in court.

So you have to choose wisely. First, a Will is not something you will make regularly. You probably do it once every 2 or 3 years. Taking this into consideration, I think spending a bit more in a quality service is something you should consider rather than choosing the lowest price you can find.

Besides the low price, I would take a look at the website to see if it is well made. Sites that look like it was quickly thrown together should be avoided at all cost. I’ve also noticed some sites have competing advertising plastered on the side. This really begs the question whether they make money from helping your write your Will or from advertising.

You should be able to use their service by filling in your details without paying any fee upfront. The payment should be the last step. If you are at all uncomfortable, you can simple abandon that service without paying any fee.

Another warning sign are companies that claim to have a form that is valid in all states. There are differences in difference states and countries. There should be adequate notice on the site where the Wills are valid and where there are not. This is also the reason why I don’t recommend copying someone else’s Will or downloading a free form online.

Contact information. You should be able to locate telephone number and addresses easily. Personally, I would avoid sites that don’t have an address or telephone number or those that are so hidden it is hard to find. It is as if they have something to hide.

Finally, go with a reputable online will maker. You can’t go wrong with established companies like Nolo, Law Depot, US Legal Forms, and Parting Wishes. See my reviews here.

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