Parting Wishes Review

Here’s a review of Parting Wishes’ online Will writing service. If I remember correctly, Parting Wishes started out providing an online service to let your friends know when you had passed on.

Initially, you can list your own funeral arrangements, final words to loved ones and your own memorial. They provide an ID or a key that emails you every so often and if you do not respond to that message, the system assumes that you have passed on and will automatically notify your friends and family of your demise.

It will be bad if you forgot to respond and the whole world thinks you are dead but it is a good service and I can see how its significant benefits. There’s enough of stories where people pass away in their own home and nobody knew about it until a few years later.

Anyway, those were the early days, and at the time I wrote this review, Parting Wishes expanded their service to include online will writing, power of attorney as well as living Will.

The countries they cover include the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. On their website, it is stated that

The MyWill™ service can be used to generate a customized Last Will and Testament in the U.S. (except Louisiana), Canada (except Quebec) and the UK (England and Wales only)”

If you reside in the states that are excluded, you can’t use their service to write your Will.

To start the process of drafting your online will is pretty simple. There is a reminder to safe the information you key is at each step. The second step is to fill in your name and country and state of residence, next is marital status

Parting Wishes online Will writing start

The process to use the service is quite fast and easy. What I particularly liked was they asked you whether you would like to create a trust for minor children or other beneficiary as well.

It also allows the trust properties to be slowly given out at different ages should you want to do that. This option is also just click and key in the age you want your child to receive his or her inheritance.

Parting Wishes online will - Trust creation

You can create a testamentary trust easily with Parting Wishes

Many online Will writing service does not ask you whether you want to create a trust or the process requires more thought on your part. Parting Wishes’ option to create a trust is really simple.

If your distribution needs are simple, and you have all the information that’s required at hand, I think it would take about 30 to 40 minutes, and your Will is complete. There are Help buttons and “Tell Me More” at each page to assist as you fill in the details for your Will.

The final screen is to register an account so that you can keep your Will on their servers for updates and to select the package you want. Overall, I’m quite happy with their Will writing service.

The cheapest option is CAD$ 34.95 for 1 year membership for unlimited updates, which I think is quite reasonable. Most other online Will writing service charge a single use fee unless you sign up for higher package. This includes the services that Parting Wishes provides for free.

For CAD$ 70.95 for a Gold member for 1 year, you’ll get to draft your own Living Will and Power of Attorney. The fee has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so that is great too.

If I have one tiny thing to gripe about is that they only accept payment in Canadian Dollars. Not a big deal actually, but having the option to pay in US currency would be real sweet in my opinion.

You can check out their service here.


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