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Update – LawDepot updated their Will writing service recently. With this update, you can now see your Will being updated immediately at the bottom part of your browser, as you you key in your personal information. The price is still the same at $19.

Law Depot Review updated

This is what you can see at the bottom of your browser

Someone sent me an email and asked me to check out Law Depot’s Online Wills service. Once I had a bit of time, I surfed on over to take a look. On their website, I saw that they provide a lot of legal documents from Wills, real estate, loans to sales and even prenuptial agreements. That are various legal documents they can do, and they inspire confidence when using their services.

Anyway, I tried out the online Will service, which is pretty straight forward. What I liked about the whole process is that everything is on one page. You don’t have to wait for each section to load before going to the next section.

LawDepot’s online Will service is available for people living in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

The other thing I liked about putting in the information is that there are tiny question marks where you can click to get further explanation quickly. Recently, they have added short videos right besides each section that provides further explanation for those who are not familiar with legal terms. It also helps you make make decisions as you key in your information.


Comparing Nolo’s online Will and Law Depot’s, I find Nolo somehow gives a more thorough “feel” when you are drafting your Will. However, when you actually fill in the information, both are about equal in this aspect.

The only difference is that if you are not familiar with drafting a Will, Nolo have a bit more explanation at each section. With Law Depot, you can draft your Will fairly quickly, without waiting for each section to load.

Law Depot’s online Will is very straight forward and because you don’t move much from one page to another page, in some ways, I prefer Law Depot’s layout. It is less confusing and you can see everything you have keyed in.

I think this is a one of the most important thing. A reminder that different jurisdiction has slightly different requirements.

Law Depot SigningLaw Depot’s online Wills start at $19. That gives you 2 weeks to create any number of Wills. There is also an option for a legal professional to review your Will by paying an additional $30. This is really a good idea in case you are concerned about mistakes in your Will. If you are doing this for the first time, it is also a good idea to just pay for this service.

Besides just writing your Last Will, at the point where you decide on the package you want, you can choose for a professional package that cost $7.99 per month paid in full for a year that allows you to use all sort of other legal documents including creating a Living Will etc

Like many common online will writing service, after you have keyed in all the necessary information, the site will show a partial view of your Will. Something like a sneak peek. If you feel that everything is okay, you will be taken to a payment page. Once payment is received, you will receive your Will in a pdf format to print out and sign.


“Very user friendly and an excellent resource for legal documents.” Derek Stone, Lawyer – LawDepot

You can check out their service here

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