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e-online-willsI came across e-wills-online, and I first thought were doing what I’m doing here, which is to review and write about online Wills services.

Then, I saw that they actually have a service to write your Will for $9.99. At that price, I think it is a bit too cheap.

Even though the idea of getting services online to get cheaper prices, I’m a bit suspicious of a service that charges less than $10. Since it not fair to pre-judge a book by its cover, I held back my opinions until I look further.

Update – The fee for their online Will writing service is now $15.

At first look, i personally found the website hard to read. Fonts are small and the color scheme makes reading the information a bit of a chore.

There is a FAQ style page that provides a glossary of legal terms and common questions people ask about writing wills. I found this helpful for anyone who is not familiar with Wills.

I was eager to see  how the process is for a $9.90 online will. Clicking on purchase tab brought me to a single page with an advertised 3 step process. They are:-

  1. Complete the provided form in full and press ‘submit’ to be taken through to the WorldPay payment page.
  2. Enter your credit card details and follow the WorldPay steps.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to a printable copy of your will.

The page where you enter your information, is just a 1 page document where you put all your information in different boxes. After that, you click submit to be taken to the payment page.

I found the process a bit uneasy since there is no help screen beside the boxes. There weren’t any explanation why and how should you fill in the information. They do not segregate whether you are single, married or have children etc. No questions nor suggestions who to select as executors, etc.

Although filling information in boxes in 1 page makes the process seem less tedious, I think there is not sufficient guidance for a person who want to write his or her Will.

A person who is writing their Will for the first time will probably be lost. Compared to what you can get from Nolo or Law Depot, they are right at the bottom rung in my opinion.

All in all, if I were to use an online Wills service, I will probably give e-online-wills a pass.

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